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Suyi Chew

[email protected]

Suyi is a numbers person thanks to her years-long experience in the field of finance and accounting. She has held positions of an Accounts Executive & Procurement Officer, Accounts Clerk, Senior Accounts Assistant, and Production Coordinator. Suyi also gained a lot of exposure in the field of engineering while serving prominent companies in Singapore.

Suyi joined NBS Intellectual with the thought that intellectual property (IP) is very important for all businesses. Throughout her past working experience in finance and accounting, she is well-aware that IP, like other physical property, can also be financially exploited by selling or licensing. She knows clearly that IP is very valuable and important in increasing the overall assets of businesses. Therefore, she felt that business owners must be aware of their potential assets and have their IP protected under the law. As a Consultant at NBS Intellectual, Suyi has great ambitions, at the same time strives for work and life balance. She believes that life does not always sail smoothly, but life goals will be achieved only with perseverance and not giving up.

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