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Graphic Designer

• Diploma in Graphic and Multimedia Design

Sidney takes on roles in designing websites, logos and social media advertisements for various tasks at NetBusiness Interaction Sdn. Bhd. These include complementing design needs of the marketing team.

Prior to joining NetBusiness Interaction, Sidney has garnered experience in the e-commerce industry. As a graphics and multimedia designer, her expertise is vested the field of digital and printed media marketing. She is highly proficient in producing social media advertisements, online banners, printed marketing materials and designs of brands and graphical user interfaces, as well as in video editing and social media campaigning.

Sidney holds true to her principle of deligience, honesty and timeliness. She believes in the saying, “never put off till tomorrow what you can do today,” because time that is lost can never be found again. Besides, she appreciates any opportunity to develop her skills and knowledge.

Besides that, she has been attending trainings, seminars and workshops to upskills and enhances her knowledge to keep abreast of the market trends especially in social media and Google Adwords. Therefore, she is skilled and confident to consult her clients comprehensively with her extensive knowledge and experiences in this industry.

Throughout her journey in the career, she is also a good communicator and she is strongly believed that through understanding of her client’s needs and advises the best practices and resolutions to them not only win the trust from each other but indirectly also strengthen the business relationships.

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