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Radin Aizuddin

Senior Web Programmer

• Diploma in Information Technology

Mr. Radin Aizuddin is known as a fast-leaner and a sociable person who likes outdoor activities. His resilience has led to him being assigned with imperative tasks at work. He previously worked as a programmer at a telecommunication company. Apart from being experienced in developing in-house software and business technologies, Radin is also well-versed in handling IT operations and technical issues.

He has handled governmental projects and was involved in the expansion of software houses. Radin was engaged as a web developer for NBS Intellectual Sdn. Bhd. in 2015. He has helped NBS achieve its milestones in web designing and IT-based development of the intellectual property aspects, henceforth becoming a highflier who has broken numerous performance records. He also envisions to accelerate the development of the company into a regional hub specializing in intellectual property.

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