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Lee Mei Fun

Senior Consultant
[email protected]

Mei Fun has been engaged with NBS Intellectual Sdn Bhd since 2011, starting as business development executive in the IP Industry. Before she was attached to NBS, she worked as a Personal Assistant to a politician, assisted on coordination and collaboration of administrative matters related to secretariat tasks, as well as annual general meetings. She has extensive experience in the IT field due to constant exposures to IT related assignments during her career. Her past working experience has made her a strong person with various skills, such as problem-solving, consulting, and negotiating with people.

During her time with NBS, she has shown strong interests in IP matters. She enjoys dealing with people from different backgrounds, cultures and religions. Helping clients to secure their IP rights has brought her a great satisfaction as she respects clients’ creativity and innovation. Along the journey, she has further manifested her skills and knowledge by handling approximately 1000 client portfolios from different industries. She is an experienced Intellectual Property Advisor who helps customers understand more about their business values. She is passionate in helping more SMEs & industries learn the ways to secure and add values to their intangible properties.

Mei Fun has attended many self-improvement courses that the company has offered, which equipped her with the latest IP knowledge and skills to provide up-to-date advices to her clients professionally. To her, IP is a crucial element that exists in every business; it is the “Health” of a business. Her motto is “to safeguard what is rightfully yours.”

Together with a strong and professional team, Mei Fun believes that she can become a successful IP leader, anytime, anywhere.

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