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Senior Graphic Designer / Social Media

• Diploma in Art and Design

Mr. Lo is a passionate web and graphic designer at NBS Intellectual and NetBusiness Interaction. He is responsible for designing commercial graphics, marks and webpages for a wide range of clients. Prior to joining NBS Intellectual, he was an experienced visual merchandiser in the clothing industry. Being exposed to web marketing, publishing, and fashion industries, he then specialized further into creative arts and graphic designs in light of his passion in designing.

Mr. Lo embraces challenging tasks as the opportunities to demonstrate his abilities and deliver promising results. He hopes to explore various aspects of graphic designing in order to build specialist skills. Mr. Lo is known for being a fast learner and strong team-worker, besides possessing proactiveness, self-motivation and good interpersonal skills. He never seeks to be the best, but he always seeks to do his best.

Bahasa Malaysia (Malay)