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Gwen Wong

Marketing Executive

• Bachelor Business & Marketing

Gwen has a proven track record of all-rounded marketing experience. With more than 4 years of involvement in the field of magazines and mass media, she has collaborated across various business units, which include product marketing and development, business development, content marketing and event campaigning.

Her outspoken and outgoing personality has enabled her to foster good relations with internal co-workers and external counterparts, as well as to establish a widespread network of clientele outside company. Gwen is well-known for her passion in branding, storytelling, ideas creativity, events organization and physical designing. Such an enormous interest is rooted from her upbringing in creative visual storytelling and exposure to live shows and events. Her in public relations skill makes it apparent that presiding over any ceremony is not a challenge to her.

Gwen is very active and versatile in the social media, so much so that she was appointed as a manager of social media coverage to ensure consistent influx of business leads. Her systematic and proactive nature has earned her numerous compliments for efficient delivery of products and services.

Bahasa Malaysia (Malay)