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Fanny Chia

[email protected]


Fanny has accumulated many years of experience in the field of sales and marketing, in particular as a sales specialist in the telecommunications industry. Alongside the nature of her industry, she enjoys meeting people from various backgrounds and is keen to face challenges.

Fanny always thought that intellectual property is an important aspect of businesses as they are intangible assets that can be financially exploited. This is because intellectual property can be sold or licensed like any other properties. Every business possesses such intangible assets, whether they are aware of it or not. Fanny hopes to promote IP by learning and sharing to others on the importance of utilizing intellectual property ownership and licensing at an early stage for SMEs. To her, intellectual property arises due to the work of human minds, and such mind creations are increasing by the day with more people and companies filing trademark applications to protect their brands and patent applications to secure the utility or designs of their inventions.


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