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Chia Pay Wen

Senior IP Executive

• B.Bus. (Hons) in Marketing

Chia is the firm’s Senior IP Executive with more than 7 years of experience in the area of IP. As a Senior IP Executive, Chia leads her team of experienced IP executives in various IP prosecution matters. From trademark pre-consultation, search and filing, to opposition and renewal matters – they have the trademark needs of clients covered from every angle.

Her knowledge and experience in various aspects of IP practice are invaluable to the firm and its clients. She attends to clients with regards to formalities, which include preliminary inspections relating to new applications, publication, registration and renewal, especially where the latter relates to terms peculiar to Malaysia’s colonial history. She is able to advise clients with inquiries on the classification of goods or services.

Chia also specializes in writing reports for Office Actions related to trademark prosecution that are issued by the Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia (MyIPO). She communicates with clients and files timely responses and drafts arguments in response to Objection Letters. Since joining NBS in 2015, her experience, knowledge and expertise in prosecution and formalities work are invaluable in providing advices to local and foreign clients. She is responsible for monitoring the deadlines of the Trademark Department via the firm’s case management system. She continues to actively prosecute cases of IP rights which are difficult to register and manages work from the prosecution until the grant of IP rights on behalf of her clients. Chia started her IP career in Messrs Pintas Consulting Sdn Bhd specializing in trademarks in 2011. In 2015, Chia joined NBS as a Senior IP Executive.

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