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Web Developer

• Bsc. in Multimedia Computing

Website Developer, high calibre and knowledgeable with two years’ experience in developing a websites. Participation in his career as a web developer, he has successfully developed many websites in various companies. Although the experience is not long enough, he is a very competent and professional in developing a website. He is always passionate about his career and constantly challenges to improve his skills.

Asyraf holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Multimedia Computing at University Technology MARA Malaysia. Since his university life, he has shown great interest and ambitious in career as a website development. He has been attending trainings, seminars and workshops to improve his skills and knowledge in accordance with market trends. Therefore, he is highly skilled and knowledgeable in this industry.

Throughout his journey in the career development of the site, he was not only a good and efficient in developing a website, but he was also a dedicated trainer in teaching clients to use and make updates on the website. He has also achieved remarkable achievements and has been recognized for his undertake.

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