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Angela Wong

[email protected]

Angela Wong is a diligent, driven and optimistic people person. Graduating in Hospitality Management, she worked several years in noteworthy hotels in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. However, she soon found a stronger calling in consulting and sales, as she enjoys meeting people from different industries. She particularly enjoys the interesting challenges of sales and results that commensurate with the efforts she put in.

Angela believes that intellectual property is the vitamin to help a company grow healthier and wealthier. The valuable resource that makes a company stand out from the others. Without intellectual property, it is difficult for a company to go further. That is why she is dedicated to help her clients protect their unique advantages.

During her previous tenure as a consultant in a designer platform, Angela has years of experience supporting her clients to coordinate the best designs for their needs. Hence Angela is exceptionally well in integrating the protection of trademark, industrial design and copyright for her clients. She has also attended numerous professional courses and trainings to continually expand her knowledge. Her colleagues and superiors see her as a positive and resourceful problem solver, who is especially skilled in building rapport and good relationships with clients.

Angela looks forward to being a team player at NBS Intellectual. “Together, let’s grow and become better!”

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