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Senior Web Developer

• Diploma in Computer Science (Multimedia)

Amirah has more than seven years of professional experience in web development. She joined NetBusiness Interactions Sdn Bhd in 2011 as a web designer. Amirah believes that her background, experience and skills can be put into good use at NetBusiness to make things happen. She has developed more than a hundred websites, and still counting, for clients from various fields. Her well-established portfolio of successful projects speaks for her creative, resourceful and resilient personality.

As a hard-working person who sets high standards on her work, Amirah also enjoys working in groups while always keeping schedules in view. On top of that, Amirah is committed to learning and enhancing her expertise in web development, as well as other relevant skills. She hopes to gather as much hands-on experience in as many technical projects as she can to sharpen her ability to adapt to different tasks that are assigned to her.

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