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  • Search database based on company name to determine a specific patent

    Company name search is used when the name of an applicant or an inventor (competitor) is known. It can be used to gain information on a competitor by seeing what they have in their IP portfolio or to identify if there is any recent development by a competitor has been patented or has been applied for. These results also can be used for infringement analysis purposes (if relevant patent found).

  • Patent Family Search (Multiple Countries)

    IA patent application can result in many applications (divisional/conventional) for the same patent in multiple countries all stemming from the same original, or parent, application. These groups are often referred to as patent families. These can be conducted side by side to an infringement search or an invalidation search if a specific piece of prior art is identified from another country to see if it has a family member in another country you are interested in.
    [To be done before or after selling/making similar to a patented product]

  • Patent Search Based On Keyword(S)

    Keyword searching enables an individual to search for and find patents by matching one’s own search terms to the actual words contained in patents. The searcher may also specify the “fields,” or parts of patents, in which you’d like the keywords to be found. (E.g. Titles, Abstract, Claims, etc.)
    [To be done during development stage]

  • Bibliographic Search Based On a Specified Patent

    Bibliographic Search is to find out what was covered by a specific patent number or to find out what patents a particular inventor has to his or her credit. Bibliographic searches can be done as a part of historical, biographical, archaeological, or product research.
    [To be done after patent has been filed]

  • Legal Status Searching

    Status search is to determine the current legal status of the specified patent/ patent application whether,
    [To be done before or after selling/making similar to a patented product]

  • State of The Art Search (New Trends On a Particular Technology)

    State of Art is a very broad search which is conducted to provide prior arts covering a particular technology. It is used to identify what already exists in the technological domain, the new trends in the domain, and also the competitors in the same field.

    [To be done during development stage]
  • Landscape Analysis (Overall Patent Filing Trend)

    Landscape analysis involves exhaustive prior art search and categorization of the results by creating a technology taxonomy, thus, determining the overall trends in a particular field, active competitors, key application areas in the technology, potential licensing opportunities, and white space analysis.
    [To be done during development stage]

  • Patent Validity/Invalidity Search (To Invalidate/Validating Patent)

    A Patent Validity Search or Invalidity Search is an exhaustive (in-depth) Prior Art Search conducted after patent grant in order to either validate the enforceability of a patent or to invalidate one or more claims of a patent, respectively. These two searches are identical except for the desired outcome (valid or invalid patent claims) of the search. For an invalidity/validity search, the patent search report has to find clear and convincing patent documents or non-patent literatures predating the priority date of the target/subject patent claims that alone would convince that the subject invention was not novel at the time of application. Also an alternative would be finding multiple prior arts that could be used in combination to show the invention would have been obvious to a person having ordinary skill in the art.
    [To be done before invalidate a patent or taking infringement action]

  • Infringement Analysis Report Based On A Specified Patent

    Infringement analysis is conducted in order to determine whether any product or any process infringes upon existing competitor’s patent. For an infringement analysis, it is required to check based on the clients product whether all elements of the patent claim are present in the clients product or process.

    [To be done before or after selling/making similar to a patented product]
  • Freedom to Operate (FTO) Search Based On The Proposed Product

    Freedom to operate analysis is always advisable when launching a product in a particular jurisdiction as the product may be subjected to infringement suits, resulting in costly litigation proceedings which may force the company to withdraw the product from the market. FTO search involves determining if the independent claims of prior arts are similar to the technology which is to be launched in the market, thus preventing infringement of patent rights in a particular jurisdiction.

    [To be done before or after selling/making similar to a patented product]
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