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1. APPLICANT (Individual, company, sole proprietor, partnership or association – the intended owner of industrial design)
SSM/ROS registration no.
(for Malaysian company / sole-proprietor / partnership)
I/C no.
(for individual)
JPPM / ROS registration no.
(for Malaysian association)
2. CREATOR (The Designer)
3. Type of Product / Article
(e.g. Food container; Toaster)
4. Date of first disclosure of the Invention in Malaysia (If any)
Note for Malaysian Applicant only:

  • If company, send copies of SSM Forms 9 & 49 (and Form 13, if any) by e-mail.
  • If sole-proprietor/partnership, send a copy of SSM Form D by e-mail.
  • If individual, send a copy of I/C by e-mail.
  • If association, send a copy of JPPM / ROS Form 3 by e-mail.
Drawing / design of the Product / Article
(Please provide perspective, front, back, top, bottom and side views)

(Please provide all drawings in a separate sheet or document)
Examples of ACCEPTABLE drawings:
Example Drawings
To be filed in
(please tick)
ColoursBlack & White
Send me a copy of this message
Please note that a meeting may be required for our consultants to understand the details.
Design search / filing will only be conducted after receiving payment and this disclosure sheet.